Grown Man Mixtape

by Bomani Armah

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A compilation album original put together in 2007, featuring classic DC underground tracks from Mello-D & The Rados, Christylez Bacon, Hue-Man Prophets, and Omekongo Dibinga. Also featuring live performances from the Washington National Cathedral, Jammin Java, the old Cada Vez and Busboys & Poets on 14th & W.

I’m reaching my Jesus year, realizing I haven’t gotten as close as I’d like in my plot to take over the world. I was in a recording session with a good friend and collaborator while uploading my project from 2007 “The Grown Man Mixtape”. I mentioned in passing that I’m sure he’s heard a third of these tracks already. In reality he had heard none. We’ve travelled as far north and south as you should go in a car together, rocked numerous stages, broken bread to many times to count, yet he was still unfamiliar with most of the pre-Read a Book material I had. I didn’t realize how bad my promo game really was.

So here ya go, before I release the 2, possibly 3 projects this year, I need to know who’s listening, and if they think what I’ve been putting out for the past 5 years is worth listening too. This is most of the songs off of the original mixtape. I’ve taken off the songs that appear elsewhere on my bandcamp page, and two radio remakes that are extremely dated now (both musically and personally). Otherwise, this is the project that that introduced U st, then the world, to Read a Book.

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After taking a listen, I’d love for you to write a short, honest review. If you feel it, it would mean the world to me if you passed it along. It’s extremely easy to post songs from bandcamp to any and all of your social networking sites. As always, my only promotional team consists of the people are inspired by my music enough to pass it along. If you feel like supporting even more, each track is only $1 on bandcamp, and you can name your own price to buy the whole 16 track project (minimum $5). Make sure you check out the projects from my brothers and sisters who appear on this project. A quick google search will turn up countless tracks from Mello-D & The Rados, Christylez Bacon, Omekongo Dibinga, Bashir from Payshir, Haze from Lauda, and TC Bliss. Thanks again for the continued support


Bomani Armah

“Music is the Language of Spirits”


“Bomani Armah is Darius Lovehall in Love Jones the Date Mixtape” will be released online March 26, and celebrated with two live shows that night including one with the new band Immaletchufinish at Everlasting Life Café at 2928 Georgia Ave NW Washington DC. Stay tuned for more info!


released January 17, 2011



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Track Name: Pimp Preacher live at Busboys & Poets
Chorus 2X

I’m a pimp, a preacher
Drug dealer, and a teacher
A god, and a nigga
I don’t know, go figga
From the yin, to the yang
I’mma do, my thang
Way pray, wanna bang,
Join a church, join a gang

Verse I

Talking to a conscious brother, he caught an attitude
‘cause I said I like Ludacris and Devin the Dude
I told a sista with a perm she was cute, she said “Yeah,
I thought you only like the girls with natural hair”
Your father’s a preacher, why do you curse when you speak
Talk all the Africa stuff, how the hell are you greek
You say the money don’t matter, but you’re out here chasin G’s
You say you’re a vegan but eat pizza with extra cheese
You tell me all the time that you’re a lover not a fighter
But I saw jump a dude in College Park at the all nighter
Sometimes you’re optimistic, sometimes you’re suicidal
You don’t believe in Jesus but you always quote the Bible
Ask to explain, I gotta say I don’t know
Sometimes I swim upstream, sometimes I go with the flow
That’s what happens when you evolve and grow
That’s why you get so much when you come to a show.


Verse II

From ghetto to ghetto, to back yard to yard
I always represent god
Ask me how, brother it ain’t hard
I’m more than the numbers on my social security card
I represent him in the way I walk and what I say
‘cause her fingerprints are all over my DNA
I try to bring out the best so I meditate and I pray
I’m the closest to perfection when I make love to Eshe
My religion, has no denomination
My spirit is my teacher, my soul is my congregation
My holy book is my life, open to interpretation
Everyday god brings me a brand new revelation
Man woman and child is my holy trinity
‘cause my old one didn’t have any feminine energy
I know longer pray to ask god to enter me
I just know that god is and I just let it be

Track Name: Mello-D & The Rados featuring Bomani Armah - Cool Witchu
Produced By Darnley "Mello-D" Hodge for Imagination Inc.
Written by Darnley Hodge and Bomani Armah
Performed by Darnley Hodge and Bomani Armah