New Classic Mixtape

by Bomani Armah

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Do you remember why you love hip-hop? The uncanny ability of your favorite artists to take what they have and turn it into what they want, is what made Bomani fall in love with the art form that has led pop culture into the new millennium. Trying to recapture that feeling, he had one of his favorite Dj’s (DJ RBI) send him classic break beats during fall of ‘09. Whatever RBI emailed him, from James Browns unforgettable “Funky Drummer” to Melvin Bliss’ often flipped “Synthetic Substitution”, he would cut up and re-imagine, using the some of the original songs words as the hook.


released January 27, 2010

Executive produced by Bomani Armah
Produced by Bomani Armah
Co-produced by DJ RBI
Photography by Efirst
Graphic Design by Night Train



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: Ain't it Funky
Welcome to the joint new classic
My names d’mite I’m your new habit
If there’s a chair near by, you should grab it
If you wanna get your monkey (unh!) kicked try to match this
Mattafack, I’mma need ya’ll to stand up
And if you love hip-hop throw your hands up
This is why the industry can’t stand us
I ain’t down with the boys, (unh!) that tryna man up
Don’t it make you wanna holla
Brush your shoulders, pop your collar
Like an old batch of collards
And it cost no dollars

Got RBI digging through the vinyl
To find the chords that you feel in your spinal
As I kick my hip-hop recital
And I’m the realist (unh!) I know
Fino-lee you found a real emcee
Who mix the beats with poetry
Low key, like jay-z
In Hawaiian sophie
You use to love her but your (unh!) chose me, oooweeee
Can’t you feel it in your nose
Cause I’m in the game, all ten toes
How my fan base grows
You should see my live shows

Right now I know you wonderin’ where they found me
D’mite, reppin pg county
So you fake thug rappers get from round me
I’m a bad mutha (unh!) Richard Roundtree
Betta yet Rudy Ray Moore
They like your light weight rhymes but mine weigh more
Is that your free style, you get what you pay for
And this is what the (unh!) I was made for
So I had to get up on it
The rhymes are smart, the beat is retarded
Like the drummer just farted
So let’s get this party started
Track Name: The Breakdown
My imagination exploded
Now locked and loaded
Blood sweat and tears was the price I was quoted
Nothing you can do to me
To keep me from what’s due to me
And luck is when preparation meets opportunity
no more being reckless
I’m going through my checklist
I eat a slice of humble pie with me breakfast
And in my coffee
I sprinkle awareness real softly
keeps me focused and keeps all the hatas up off me
check that, 1 and two
When this train is coming through
I’m doing what I have to do so I can do what I wanna do
this train ain’t swervin’
cause now I’m determined
strictly business like parish smith and erik sermon
I’m getting prepped
What looked like missteps
Was me only practicing, I’m just getting’ reps
So children gather round
This is how it sounds
when you going for the crown just let me break it on down


some people finger snap it out
but that ain’t what I’m rapping bout
kids looking for a way I’m about to map it out
listen to your conscious
use it as your compass
learn all you can you can keep all your options
itsa full time job just
sifting through the nonsense
that’s why you gotta enjoy the whole process
close to my dreams like goapele
invest in mental property
they can’t break up your monopoly
keep an eye on your health
cause that’s your real wealth
the worst person to lie to is yourself
to thy own self be true
you get 1 life not two
remember you are what you consistently do
you can find this useful
while you’re still youthful
The watermelon man spitting seeds be fruitful
wise words lead to wise actions
break it down like fractions
for man in the mirror like Mike Jackson
Track Name: Synthetic Substitution
You live in my lap… top
You let the camera get back shots
You had more balls bounce of you than a black top
A co-ed who gives more head than a mascot
But still addictive like a crack rock
Am I bad boy cause i won’t stop and I can’t stop
I’m permanent ink, always on your page
White chicks hate your booty, blacks hate cause your beige
want sumtin’ different? nuthin to worry ‘bout
I got more options that a Chinese carryout
I like’em brown, yellow peurto Rican or black
It ain’t PC, but baby I’m a mac
You keep giving me something I can feel


What’s love got to do it with it
Type freaky stuff with triple dub dot and you in it
emotion just screw wit it, conversations ruin it
I want one thing, tired of beggin it and wooing it
you’re willing in able
I’mma knight in shining armor you’re a horse in my stable
Guarantee you’re a pleaser
a quickie off a thirty second teaser
I ain’t pullin out visa
my old lady is rockin the flannel
type you up, could care less bout da scandal
You got viruses that Norton can handle
your body is fire but I can light my own candle
give me something I can feel
Track Name: Ghetto
Is the place to find
Worst in drugs and crime
Where justice went to go blind
Spending time in the
Where preachers show the end of times
By pointing out the ghetto signs
Etched out in the chalk lines
Pick up or drop a dime
Either the way the cops are fine
Cause they be working over time
Where the streets are unkind
The residence feel confined
some say it’s just a state of mind

marked out with clear borders
crumbling brick and mortar
where the water, is colored
and cost a quarter
young runners taking orders
young gunners cause disorder
young stunna’s living shorter
cause of slaughter in the
where you boughta
a piece of pussy you ain’t oughta
and nobody taught her
leaving mothers raise the children of their daughters
far away from the reporters
with their cameras and recorders
with no supporters
crack games top importer

start school but never finish it
except for jail we don’t complete sentences
a new meaning of penmanship
the block crew has its benefits
see growth in its membership
but rico laws means nobody innocent
where hope is an invalid
and despair is so diligent
serve you your fill of it
for the thrill of it
foreigners own the business
locals take out witnesses
no peace on earth in 50 christmas’
where food stamps are collected
health is neglected
death is expected
where churches and liquor stores are erected
full of strung out and infected
where broken dreams are collected
and flaunted with a gold necklace
the police are running wreckless
you one thing on their checklist
then your suspected
get inspected
politicians say they can’t correct it
there help? dont expect it
so when they elected,
our views rejected

Kids dream of escaping it
Corporations steady raping it
We keep police taping it
Gang tags are defacing it
Gentrification is reshaping it
The rich are displacing it
Suburban kids dream of tasting it
Drug shopping, this is the place they went
Cause nicks and dimes pay the rent
America is shy in facing it
We need to start embracing it
I’m hell bent on erasing it
Cause it’s an abnormality
we’ve accepted as reality
the pain and brutality
A new sense of morality
And understanding of frugality
Could bring about a new vitality
When warring sides find neutrality
understand their commonality
ghetto is a nationality
And don’t take life so casually
Track Name: Talkin' 'Bout Change
In this system of checks and balances
We gotta check our balances
we have broken knecks and calouses
While our leaders live in palaces
After further analysis
We should give them pimp chalises
So we can recognize phalics and their fallacies
it’s patriotic duty?
nothing butt pirates and they stealing all the booty
The president could be a shia or a sunni
It could be george Clooney It’s still scripted like a movie
So brother where art thou
Imperialism was a game, you made it an art now
You talking bout change, waiting for you to start now
We drowning in sorrow, can you build noah’s arc now
Cause the people bout to panic
And they say you just rearranging chairs on the titanic
The ships off course, looking for someone to man it
Maybe captain sully, captain kirk, captain America and captain planet


You know the people are fickle
they want it to rain, even if they get hit with nickels
corporations have us sucking their nipples
if you protest they brand you with the hammer and the sickle
cause they believe in trickle, down economics
I’ll break it down for you like sounding out phonics
they pissin’ on you, welfare is colonic
e pluribus Unum doesn’t translate to ebonics
while their wealth grows like they using hydroponics
they got sticky fingers till we throw guns in the air like onyx
and take back what’s ours
we wait for mannah from heaven, they us send golden showers
the recession is just like the towers
they intimidate the people to they hide and cower
they see it, they conquer and then devour
I wanna take out these fat bastards like my name is Austin Powers.


These rappers spray their spit until they believe themselves
Talking bread, cheese and dough, they can barely feed themselves
worst kind of liars, those who deceive themselves
give Obama credit for changing how brothers see themselves
His accomplishments are more than notable
He speaks to the poor and vulnerable
Like those in NO who weren’t floatable
His fathers day speech should be a hip-hop quotable
Maybe he can quench your thirst
We still excited cause the brother is a first
He seems wise enough to guide this country through its worst
But if you drown does it matter whose driving the hearst
Cause he’s presidents, we’re all political game
He shoots where ever big corporations aim
he’s an inspiration to sons with funny names
Nothing’s gonna change til money doesn’t reign