Track Name: Goodbye Yesterday
Goodbye yesterday
I’m on a date
It’s getting late
Previews are on, don’t mind the wait
This English major conversates
With shorty dark brown
Well endowed
Got me like wow and i
And I sure need you now
‘cause I’m, reminiscing on how we kissed and how we loved
thought I new everything, she just knew she was in love
goodbye yesterday
didn’t know who we where
but knew who we wanted to be
me a teaching emcee
she’s to be an md
first one to lay her down and i
just can’t stay around
parts of me still to be found
at that moment it was all us
puppy love, no doggy lust
the future crept up on us
goodbye yesterday
and the feelings that we felt
at that mall in Greenbelt
the movie we came to see
was second to you and me
teenage love endless and free
remember how it use to be
last dollar on the ticket, popcorn was the last dime
treasured every touch like the last time
goodbye yesterday
when love was enough
that’s what movies taught us
that’s what six dollars bought us
take me away so quickly
wish I would but
can’t take you with me
memories are the muse for this song
highlights are right are never wrong
memories are so strong
we stayed just a little too long
and now it’s time for me to move on
Track Name: Break You Off
Verse 1
This doesn’t make sense
You feel this fire that burns intense
My heart is made of stone, your heart is made of flint
We’re a perfect match, pheromones are incense
Your aroma drops hints
Real relaxed, your old man is past tense
Spark a conversation, comparing accents
Body English makes our tongues wanna speak French
Should this be? Whats you plus me?
Staring in each others eyes and they both say we
Something clicks, like a lock with a key
We open up and we like what we see
Your souls not for sale, but your heart is so free
The way nothing in life is sposta be
A piece of my heart must be the fee
And you break that off so easily

Let me break you off Baby
I dropped you off after dark
Let me break you off baby
Lemme come up, I only want to talk
Let me break you off baby
Break you off... sumthin

Verse 2
I’m aggressive so just sit back
You’re my target but I don’t want to hit that
just let me nibble and lick that
just break me off a piece of that kit kat
I got butterfingers from you melting
Lick them off and get another helping
Won’t stop till you explode like a well spring
I ain’t swimmin’ in it, I’m Michael Phelps’ing
Got the breast stroke, back stroke and the freestyle
Then I turn you sideways so she smiles
Ain’t rushin, we gon’ be a while
You doin’ time, got you locked in my penile
It’s that hard time, but you make it soft
Now I’m hooked on it, can’t shake you off
My caramel coating, I can’t take you off
You’re my Hershey bar, So I break you off


Verse 3

we talked about which rappers #1 to the holy trinity
now the day is done and I know you, biblically
I like my lifestyle single, my entendre’s doubled
our juices mingled, Now the lines are all muddled
it happened in a blur
one moment there we are, next moment there we were
Our story is like the tale of a comet
But I’ve slowed down to make us cheese omelettes
I hope we left with our dignity in tack
And don’t lie to me if you ain’t gonna call me back
I hope You ain’t the type hit it once then forget you?
Cause I can’t handle that, haha I’m kidding witchu
Coffee can’t wake me, and liquor can’t calm me
From Voondoon, Santeria, Yoruba that you put on me
When Eros strikes, what’s mortal man to do
I’m just hoping we didn’t break off more than we can chew
Track Name: Sonya Renee - Josie
Girl you gotta keep a man
Like a bottle a gin
Always on your hip.
Ain’t that what we want
To keep and be kept girl
Make him want you.
Only way to make him want you
Is to be wanted.
Be red lip tight skirt blood fang
Be another niggas cologne on your thighs
Be too much to contain in his small hands
Tell em he got small hands
Shit, small feet
Make him small and running back
To your rocking chair hips
Girl , the jealous man is a man that will stay
A stray cat fed ain’t really a stray
You can make him, girl
You can make him love you like
Your daddy didn’t
Love you like a thing he has kept just for himself
Be just for him, not for self
Don’t know man want no woman who
Is her own best thing
Make him your best thing girl.
Make your sass tongue be
A breath from his back hand
Make him want to choke you from
Inside your bell throat
Keep a man like a bottle a gin
You can’t keep a man
Thinking like that girl
Thinking can’t keep a man
Telling the truth ain’t kept no ma
Track Name: Femi the Dri Fish - Hollywood
I work hard at this
Employee of the month type shit
You see
Every woman should have a man like me
Nah, every woman should have me
And if you can't afford my whole body
Y'all can my pieces
US mail delivery
Just Pay for shipping and handling
Shhhhhhh...gurl Don't interrupt while I'm rambling
I'm the closest you'll ever get to all your fantasies
If my penis was long enough...
Yeah...I'd do me
Call it masturbation incest simultaneously
Tap dat ass like dance movements
Tap dat ass like government surveillance
Enhance your life babe'
And Find yourself head over heels
When putting them heels over your head lade'
Long stroke till you suffer a stroke
The drool from your lips is so sexy
Drawing me closer to your other lips that drips, & drips, & drips...
Girl ...
I'd let you marry me
With my fine ass walking down the isle last
I'm more than a big deal
Call me high demand
And be glad I let you take my hand
Regardless of who you've been with before me I'm your first
We can Drive off into the sunset
in a all black herse
Track Name: Sentimental Mood
Is there a reason we say bitter sweet instead of sweet bitter?

I fix my lips to lie

washing over life stories

crystal tide of highlights

rushing over labored footprints

turned clean slate of white sand

No sitting on the sure

We travel life's valleys

tributaries for emotional torrents

sweat and tears seep

into open wounds of our world

salt rinses the soil

rich ground to grow into each other

The fluidity that is life in love

love that comes

from having ones life blood

filtered through another’s fingers

in cold valley nights

adoring hands, prospect for precious parts

in cold streams of quiet pain

fishing for something to hold onto

Emotions cannot be grasped

fingers numb from chill

though it feels like this runs through your veins

The only cure is the warmth from your hand

the freeze frame

treacherous terrain of our morning home

out of commissioned sinks

PTA meetings screams in red from the calendar

night school is a side dish with breakfast

fried potatoes mix with pungent third job stillon skin

Running out with toast in your mouth

coffee spilling onto your coat while scalding hand

But remember to turn back around

Hold the door screen open with your heel

As you lean in for the good bye kiss

This is what kisses on the cheeks where made for

for the highlight montage

In this family portrait

The smiles are water colored

But it’s the shadows that bring the canvas to life

The parts blocked out by the sun

our secrets

our pressure points

the drama and glory

That breaks up the boring sketch

Of us traipsing through the mundane

And turns into a portrait of life in love
Track Name: B. Sharise Moore - Nina's "The Anatomy of His Kiss"
His kiss is bone

the thirty-third vertebrae

intricate cog of knotted stomach
and butterflied flutter

time sheet of nerve ending
river of want spilled
over heaping spoon of tongue

his breath, all ligament
and yearn
the slick and the slide
our lips, uneven bars
a perfect purse
of where impossible meets
intermittent dream

day trader of nibble
his delicate bite
is a coiling respiration
a clockwork
from routine
the safest danger

his skin, a mosaic splash
of Middle Eastern silk hung subtly
across dark copper jaw

he is fragmented mirage
the unhinging before the howl
makes me a muted
maim of a lover


I can only beg from the
pits of my pupils

he snatches my speech
catches it between teeth
grinds it to chunk
of unintelligible grunt
inch by

he is
heave and
and hands held
and tight grasp.
and moan thrower
and gasp hurler
and wind sower
and seismic shift.
and thought staller
and think freeze.
and sane stealer
and heat tweaker.
and temperate boiler
and steam sucker.
and thunder feeler
and faint maker.
and shout bearer
and time meddler
and love peddler
and he is
and he is
and he