Radio Friendly

by Bomani Armah

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With his “self-bootlegged” effort, Radio Friendly, Bomani “D’mite” Armah proves to his fans and foes that he’s more than just a misunderstood satirist or “Mr. Read-A-Book”. Bomani can take his place in line as the best lyricist you never heard. For those raised on a steady diet of hip hop and positive self images, it is often difficult to reconcile the music we love from the genre that doesn’t often love us back. Bomani’s Radio Friendly bridges the gap between who we are and what we strive to become. Radio Friendly this can’t be dismissed as just “conscious” or “backpack”, that’s way too easy and the ride from beginning to end, disallows lazy listening. This isn’t a passive CD. This is sing along, this is “oh snap! What did he just say?”, this is the very definition of a head nod. From the go-go tinged, Give the Drummer Some and the bouncy, clever Love Me In The Morning to the straight hip hop fire of, Logic and Theory. This is an album full of every corner of hip hop imaginable. You want crunk? You got it. You want go-go? You got it. You want a song about a toddler’s game, Peek-A-Boo punctuated by children’s laughter, you have that over a beat so infectious and happy, it recalls more 80s pop tune than anything else. Radio Friendly is nuanced, introspective, thought provoking and just plain good music. It’s the music we love and the way we allow it to love us-- like fully functioning, highly intoxicating, brilliantly performed and produced and lyrics that have you searching for the rewind function. This is Grown hip hop by a Grown Ass Man for grown ass people. You will not be disappointed.

- Bassey Ikpi


released December 30, 2008


all rights reserved


Track Name: Radio Friendly
I tune in frequently to hear the frequency,
life moves slower when I fast,
still trying to figure out the right frequency
I have an organic soul
and bio rhythym
things to come to me so natural
and I superficially turn a deaf hear
drums summon be back
lodged into the recesses of this thi k skull
are microscopic jembe’s
keeping me balanced
sifting through the maze of waves
I am gullible,
I am impressionable
a once clean slate
in an unclean state
searching for a way back to reality
that time before understabding was ruined by words
that time before words where diluted through writing
that time before I took in the world so passively
static clamoring to invade my mental space

question my intention, but never my integrity

what you are about to hear
a collection of chants,
love letters,
I am your programmer
tuned in
tuned up
catching a gripe on virtual reality
finding the right pitch
so I can set the tone

performed over harmonies derived from
rhythym and blues
an amalgamation more commonly refered to as hip-hop

when sight and sound have perfect synergy
earth and sky they transfer energy
can you imagine a muse’s epiphany
thunderous booms crashing into me
this is my vision, thanks for listening
and my religion, this is my christening
this is my mission, thanks for visiting
even my whistlin , is air conditioning
when prayers go up where do they stop
when blessing fall down does that mean that they flop
if I blow up does that mean I go pop
can I give you my soul if that’s all that I’ve got
my soul is a bottomless pit
body is shallow so my mind is split
where I’m taking you on this trip
just started and this is as deep as it gets
your asking yourself what you’ve gotten into
as I suck you in with the instrumental
and blow you away wih the existential
can the simple and plain be experimental
Track Name: Bomani Armah & V. Rich - Good Day feat V. Rich
Wake up in the morning and I'm yearning for words
that gives this type of day the kind of props it deserves
the kinda day you need sometimes for calming your nerves
treasure this each time it occurs, don't need diamonds or furs
just some time for me,
I know that time is money, but right now i want my time to be free
'cause it's time to see, people's smiles blinding me
I see it coming 'cause today is just bound to be
such a good day

Chorus 2x
Its a good day
People outside cause the sun is shining
It's a good day
hope this day never ends
I love this feeling

My wife wakes me up with a kiss
she says "your kids are acting silly and I don't want you to miss,
I'm making breakfast". Man this defines bliss
'cause it can't get no better than this, or can it
anywhere on the planet
if you love life don't take it for granted
I love life so much I can't stand it,
sometimes i'm lost and stranded
sometimes it's harder than granite
but the world be just like this eryday if I ran it

Chorus 2x

The 1st day of a three day weekend
when I see you I say "Hey", just 'cause I feel like speaking
What kind of ball you wanna play and where you feel like meeting
we can chill around my way when it's time for some eating
The day is hot, we playing it so cool
we chillin at my spot, lunchin out to some ol' skull
Good music and cold drinks, puts you in a nice mood
I got the long island, all we need is some Ice Cube
because today was a good day

Chorus 2x

I love this feeling, ain't no walls ain't no ceiling
ain't no robin, ain't no killing,
ain't no hustling ain't no dealing.
It's a free day, 95 on the freeway
hot tracks on replay, 'cause you're the DJ
and you're singing along, because this is your song
feels like nothing can go wrong, and you're right where you belong
fresh and clean feeling regal, nothing is the equal
to good times and good people, hope tomorrow is a sequel

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Give the Drummer Some
Verse 1
she was a pretty little fly thing, hardly a shy thing
her first time in DC
she was tired of the site seeing, 'til she got invited
to get down with a go-go beat
she said, "hey this is nice, as she played with the ice"
in a cup of O.J. and Grey Goose
before she looked twice the lead talking got sided and said
"come on drummer let loose"

Chorus 2x
Shake, Shake, Shake it Baby
This one is for the ladies
Shake, Shake, Shake it Baby
Let the rhythm drive you crazy
Shake, Shake, Shake it Boo
Make it do, what it do
Shake, Shake, Shake it Boo
We made this one just for you

Verse 2
She wasn't ready for the change
and how it made it her body feel
she was feeling kind of strange 'cause it hit her with a bang
she looked around like
what's the deal
she, she took another sip, as the beat controlled her hips
and she felt the temperature start to climb
she felt a quiver in her lip, and her body did a dip
when they said
"drummer hit me one more time"


Verse 3
She only been here for a minute
and already lil mama was hooked
she was all up in it, before the song was finished
she was giving us that sexy look
what kind of spell was she under, we didn't have to wonder
she walked right over with her friends
"I'm only here for the summer, give my number to the drummer
and do that damn thing one mo' gan"


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